40 +Types of Insurance that you don’t know even???

If I ask you a simple question that Did you know how many types of insurance exists? And certainly, one can predict your answer as “YES I know”. Those are Life insurance, Car insurance, Health insurance, Home Insurance, Shop Insurance etc. But it’s is not limited to these only, it is an ocean you named it and you get the insurance of it. Seems interesting isn’t it?

In routine life we used to listen insurance word very frequent and we can say it’s a part of our life. Usually, we used to buy certain insurance which we know OR heard from someone else Or with fear of loss. Ideally insurance requires the information and based on information fact and figure you can insure what ever you want to insure.

Let’s get the information what type of insurance exists within world around you.

click here to see the Tree chart of different type of insurance.

You can see the short video pasted here.

Insurance is mainly divided in to two categories.

One is life Insurance & another one is General Insurance.

Hope you have seen the Tree chart of different types of insurance, Did you know ??

Now next post we’ll be learn on specific subject mentioned in tree chart.

Keep learning and be safe.



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