About Us

Investment Consultant & Digital Business Advisor

Welcome to Niral’s Nexus.

Niral is a young & dynamic personality and has rich experience in financial services. He has worked with well known financial corporates at different roles and responsibilities and gain vast experience of professional culture.

A part from this he is inclined towards human psychology, religious and spiritual science. Based on his professional experience and inclination he gathers insightful knowledge and always believes in keep learning ideology.

He has created this nexus for a wellbeing of individuals. He believes every individual has to be strong with 4 pillars and those are 1) Physically 2) Financially 3) Socially 4) Emotionally.

Based on his experience and knowledge he wants do something for society wellbeing. He came across many individuals who are struggling at least with one of the above pillars and wants to help them with his nexus where he and likeminded people can help each other to get rid out such issues and make human society strong with all four pillars.  

Vision: To create vast and strong humanity nexus in which all are happy with all four pillars. i.e 1) Physically 2) Financially 3) Socially 4) Emotionally.

Mission:  My mission is to create a million people financially sound with the help of different investment sources and business ideas. Let their money work for them simultaneously, so that they become financially free and can enjoy their present and retirement.

Believes: Knowledge and experience sharing is one of the best ways to help individuals. To show the right path to someone is best way to offer gratitude to the almighty that you became a nexus between them.

World is full of hope and opportunities the only way to find how do you see to it.

Keep learning and sharing.